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Suzuki & Viewpoints

Megan is a SITI Company Associate Artist. From 2016 to the company's close in 2022, she taught Suzuki and Viewpoints in person and online. Megan continues to teach these training methods at the New School. Pictured: Akiko Aizawa, Yanghee Lee, Megan Paradis Hanley, and Samuel Stricklen perform in the SITI Company 25th anniversary gala. 


Activist Trainer

Megan was an activist trainer with the Yes Men from 2012-2020. She worked with organizers in New York, Mexico, and Tanzania to plan creative activist interventions. Pictured: Sin Maiz No Hay Vida action with FOMMA, the Hemispheric Institute of Performance and Politics, and Jesusa Rodriguez in Chiapas, Mexico. 


Teaching Artist

Megan has taught in a variety of settings and collaborated with young people in grades K-12 and older learners in colleges, worker centers, transitional housing, and arts programs. She is currently the co-director of Naming the Lost Memorials (, a public art program in which New Yorkers collaborate on community covid-19 memorials around the city. Photo credit: Erik McGregor

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